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Camping info for the Lind Combine Demo Derby Weekend


Camping is available immediately adjacent to the Derby Arena area.  Please note that it is DRY camping in a gravel or grass lot immediately west of the Derby Arena.  No hookups are available. 




Campsites are 25’ X 40’.


Campsites are $50 per space for the entire weekend, and does NOT include derby admission.  


Derby admission tickets can be purchased ahead of time through the derby website or they can be purchased at the RV gate when you check in and anytime during the event.


If you are camping with a group, or have a specific location preference or special needs please put that information into the group camping form on the website after purchasing your campsite(s). Please list your group name and who you are camping with so that I can block you all together accordingly.  I will try my best to accommodate everyone.


Garbage dumpsters and portapotties are provided but that’s about it for the conveniences.


Raised GAS firepits, and GAS BBQ's on stands or tables are allowed but ABSOLUTELY NO GROUND FIRES.  


Please leash or kennel all pets.  Remember, not everyone loves your dog, cat, ferret, pig, goat, crow, etc. running loose as much as you do. 


Quiet hours start whenever the band quits.  This is an EVENT, not a slumber party…..  


Generators are OK but please be considerate of others. 


The RV Park is open starting the Wednesday night before Derby Weekend. 


We look forward to seeing you,

Tim & Michelle

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