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Car Races

Entry Fees

$30 Car and Driver

$10 Australian Pursuit

$10 Powder Puff

NOTE!  In order to race, heavy duty mud flaps are required on vehicle!


DEMO:  Varies from each demolition depending on event.

HEAT RACES:  1ST:  $75, 2ND:  $50, 3RD:  $25

AUSTRALIAN PURSUIT:  $50 per heat race

POWDER PUFF:  1ST:  $30, 2ND:  $20, 3RD:  $10

If you have any questions, please contact:

Eric Lund: 509 677 3432


1.  Full size and mid-size sedans, station wagon, (passenger cars) are allowed.  No 4X4’s, ambulances, Imperials, hearses, pickups, limos, vans, convertibles, Rancheros or El Caminos.

2.  Drivers must be 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.

3.  All drivers and crew members must attend drivers' meeting.

4.  Only one tow vehicle allowed in the pits with each entered car.

5.  Car numbers must be visible from both sides and top of car, and at least 18” tall.

6.  All breakables (glass, windshield, mirrors, lights, chrome trim, plastic, etc.) must be removed .

7.  Driver’s door must be reinforced — minimum of 2 rows of 4" side protection must be used. It must overlap past the doors by 6". Grader bar is okay.

8.  Passenger side door protection is allowed. May not extend more than 6" past the door.

9.  Driver's protection up-right behind driver's seat or "H-bar" must be installed. Minimum: 2" pipe upright with 6"x6" plate bolted or welded to roof and floor of car. A cross bar behind the driver between the doors is allowed.

10.  Battery must be secured and covered, must be bolted down through the floorboard, bungee cords not accepted.  It may be moved to passenger side seat or placed on the floorboard.  Only one passenger car size battery may be used. It must be at least 12" from the fuel tank.

11.  Radiator must be stock production car radiator and must remain in stock location. Demolition cars may not add extra capacity to the cooling system.

12.  All cars must have working brakes.

13.  Stock fuel tank may be used in race only cars and can have no more than 5 gallons of fuel in tank.

14.  Demo cars must relocate gas tanks to passenger compartment . They are to be secured and covered and no more than 5 gallons in size.

15.  Fire extinguishers must be full, secured, and within the driver’s reach. No duct tape please!

16.  Must wear seat belt, DOT approved helmet, and eye protection when racing.

17.  Hood must be secured with chain or hood pins. Four (4) bolts of ½" inch diameter may be used to secure hood through the sheet metal only. No bolting or ready-rod through frame. Two wraps of chain maximum if not using bolts.

18.  Doors and trunk must be secured with chain or welding. No more than 4" inches of welding on each side of trunk.

19.  Fire extinguisher access hole must be cut in hood.

20.  Protective screen must be placed over driver's side of windshield.

21.  No reinforcements for the demo event cars.  Stock bumpers  only with no added metal. Bumper brackets may be welded, but no welding further forward than front A-arms, no frame or suspension welding or strengthening other than stated, and no hitches.

22.  Reinforcements are allowed for race-only cars.  Bumpers must not stick out past the fender, and no excessive use of materials, it must appear near stock.

23.  No hitting of the driver’s door.

24.  Race-only cars with tractor or traction type tires are to have mud flaps.

25.  Demo event — Must make aggressive hit within one minute after last contact.

26.  No hot-rodding in the pits.  Keep it at an idle.

27.  Any open door, or fire will cause disqualification.

28.  No sand-bagging or holding.

29.  If you are black-flagged for poor sportsmanship, rule violation, or bad conduct, you and your car will be disqualified and winnings will be forfeited.

30.  No alcohol or drugs in the pits!!  No racing will be allowed if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

31.  Cars are subject to inspection before any prize money is awarded.

32.  The decisions of the judges and officials are FINAL!

33.  Absolutely no refund on entry fees even if your car does not race or you are unwilling or unable to follow the rules.

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